What is Packagees?
  • Packagees is a same-day and next-day scheduled delivery service that made sending and receiving packages within the city simple via a mobile and web application. The service allows you to schedule a same-day, next-day delivery (if you are expecting a package, local or international) or sending (if you are sending a package) from online purchases (or personal use) to people’s doorsteps at their convenience.
    It is designed to assist individuals, online/offline businesses, private and public entities with point-to-point delivery of small goods and items.
Where do you operate?
  • Packagees operates in all Lagos regions at the moment. Other states are on deck and will be there soon.
How does it work?
  • If you are receiving or sending a package, you’ll need to use Packagees website or mobile application — it’s free and available for Android.
    We receive online items only in our secured depot from anywhere in the world:
    Enter your name, phone number, email and your home address (where you’ll like us to deliver your package, once it arrives).
    Click next to get our commercial delivery address, you’ll be assigned a customer number immediately and our nearest delivery depot to you would be displayed and you are done.
    All you have to do is relax, while we handle the rest. We will notify you once your package arrives via sms, push notification or voice call, then you can schedule when you’ll like us to deliver your item to you via our carrier — such as UPS, FedEx, Tranex or Metro Africa Express (MAX).
What sort of Items do you receive on customer’s behalf?
  • All sort of items that can only be ordered for online.
What happens next after I ordered for an Item on Amazon or any order online store abroad?
  • First of all make sure you use our delivery address as your shipping address at the checkout of the particular online store, which includes your packagees customer number.
    Then, you wait for your order to arrive our secure depot within the given delivery days from the online store, while we notify you immediately via sms, push notification, email or voice call once your package arrives.
    You can now schedule when you want your package to be delivered to you at home/office immediately.
What is a customer number?
  • This an identification number assigned to you only, and its use to identify your package when it arrives our depot.
How can I find my customer number?
  • It is located in your profile page also, within the given shipping address to be used.
Why should I use your commercial address as my shipping address?
  • Our commercial address is for receiving packages only from couriers and travellers. It saves you the time and stress of moving around to pick-up your package from anyone and moreover, our depot is save and insured.
Can I track my package once scheduled for delivery?
  • Yes you can, by viewing the status of your delivery within the history interface either within the mobile app or website.
What are your operating hours?
  • We operate (7 days) from 8am-9pm Monday through Saturday, and 1pm-9pm on Sunday, users can track their delivery and also re-schedules when they want.
What areas are you serving right now?
  • We are currently available in most areas of Lagos State and would be expanding to other cities soon.
How should I write my shipping address?
  • Your Name
    General Aviation Terminal (GAT) Departure Hall, Old Terminal, Murtala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos. (Addr 1)
    Packagees #00234 (Addr 2)
    Lagos, Nigeria.
    Different retailers have unique requirements during checkout. As long as your name, the word Packagees, and your Customer Number are on your shipping label, your package should arrive at our commercial depot undisrupted.
What if I need to confirm delivered Items to the source that sent them? e.g. Shypmate,
  • We would notify you instantly once we receive your items and it’ll be scanned into our systems and upload a picture of it.
    This can now be viewed within our app or web page once you are about to schedule the delivery.
What if my items needs a signature?
  • No problem. Packagees will sign for the package and notify you.
Can a traveller drop off my package at any of your depot in the city, if he/she misses the airport hallway drop off?
  • Yes, once it has your name, our delivery depot address and most importantly customer number. He/she can, but we’ll only alert you once we receive your packages
What other services do you offer?
  • You can also send or collect items within the city "via SEND A PACKAGE", which based on scheduling as well and we’ll notify both yourself and the receiver about transit processes till full delivery.
How is your pricing like?
  • Pricing is based on your package size, the distance of your route (we charge NGN80, 70 and 60 per km), and extra options, if any. But a minimum charge of N600 per delivery within 5 hours.
How do I pay?
  • You have to make an in app payment or bank transfer after scheduling, if you are receiving a package from our depot but if you are sending a package we will take Cash, Bank transfer, mobile POS at the point of item collection./li>
Can I receive items from different states within the country?
  • Definitely, you can bring your customer’s item to us, while we notify them about the delivery and they can now schedule when they want it delivered. But delivery fee would have to be paid for before we accept the item.
How do you process my request quickly, if I want to send a package within the city?
  • Once we receive your request, it’ll be routed to our Padii via our courier app and he’ll proceed to the pick-up point of your item instantly but also double-check that the information you’ve sent is correct, before heading out to pick-up and deliver your package.
How do I trust you guys?
  • All packages received and delivered by us are fully insured against theft and damages. In the unlikely case of losses or damages during our operations, we’ll refund you the value of the package.
Do you accept POD (Pay on Delivery) method?
  • Unfortunately, we don’t but accept cash during item collection.
Any limit to the size of items that can be sent?
  • Our current load limit is 15kg per parcel for all deliveries. E.g. Clothes and Mobile Phones are less than 3kg, Laptop and Home Appliances are between 3kg – 8kg, while some electronics are between 8kg – 15kg. But packages above this kg will attract additional fee..
Having any technical issues with our website or mobile application? Email us at, and we will be glad to help you out.
For any other Help or queries, drop us an email at

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